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WriteThread Class Reference

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Public Types

enum  currentStat { Stopped, PausedInError, Running }


void haveFinishFileOperation ()

Public Member Functions

void addNewBlock (QByteArray newBlock)
void endOfSourceDetected ()
 end of source detected
void errorAction (int action)
 set action on error
QString errorString ()
copyItemInternal getCopyItemInternal ()
 get the current copyItemInternal item
writeThreadError getTheCurrentError ()
 get the current error
currentStat getTheCurrentStat ()
 get the current stat
bool openDestination ()
void setFiles (QString source, QString destination, copyItemInternal theItem)
void setKeepDate (bool keepDate)
void setMovingMode (bool movingMode)
 set if is moving mode or not
void setPreallocation (bool preallocation)
void skipTheCurrentFile ()
void stop ()
void stopWhenIsFinish (bool stopThreadWhenFinish)
 WriteThread (QObject *parent=0)

Protected Member Functions

void run ()

Private Member Functions

void errorOnFile (int, QString, QString, quint64)
 error on file or folder, bouton enable, file path, error message

Private Attributes

QMutex accessList
 For use the list.
volatile int actionAfterUnlock
 For action after unlock the mutex.
volatile bool copyHadBegin
 For store if copy had begin.
quint64 CurentCopiedSize
QFile destination
 For have global copie progression.
volatile bool endOfSource
 For store if end os source.
QString errorStringDef
QSemaphore * freeBlock
volatile bool keepDate
 For store if date need be keep.
volatile bool movingMode
 Set if is in moving mode.
volatile bool needSkipTheCurrentFile
 For stop thread when the thread is finish.
volatile bool preallocation
 For store if preallocation is needed.
int sizeList
QFile source
 For have global copie progression.
volatile bool stopIt
 For store the stop query.
volatile bool stopThreadWhenFinish
 For stop thread when the thread is finish.
QList< QByteArray > theBlockList
 Store the block list.
writeThreadError theCurrentError
currentStat theCurrentStat
 The current stat.
copyItemInternal theItem
 Store current item for put at end if needed.
QString translationErrorDate
QString translationErrorRemove
QString translationErrorResize
QString translationErrorWriting
QSemaphore usedBlock
QSemaphore waitOneAction
QSemaphore waitOneFile

Detailed Description

Definition at line 32 of file WriteThread.h.

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