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UIcon Class Reference

The systray icon. More...

#include <UIcon.h>

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void OrderUpdateStyle ()
void RunTheCopy ()
void SignalPopup (QString)

Public Member Functions

void dispatchParam (QStringList argumentsUltracopier, QLocalSocket *client=NULL, quint32 copyId=0, quint32 protocolVersionOfThisQuery=0)
 For give to UIcon the application arguments.
bool is_listen ()
void saveApp (QApplication *app)
 Save pointer no QApplication.
void showDelayedPopupThreadSafe (const QString &text)
 UIcon ()
 Constructor of the systray icon.
 ~UIcon ()
 The destructor.

Private Slots

void CatchAction (QSystemTrayIcon::ActivationReason reason)
 For catch an action on the systray icon.
Main_windowCopyAction ()
 New copy window.
void dataincommingUI ()
 Data is incomming.
void deconnectClientUI ()
 Deconnexion client.
void deleteClosedWindows ()
void DestroyAndReloadTheInstantce ()
 Destroy and reload the instance.
void HelpAction ()
 Show about box.
void HelpText ()
 Show about box.
Main_windowMoveAction ()
 New move window.
void newConnexionUI ()
 New connexion.
bool on_listen ()
void OptiAction ()
void orderLinkedWindowsIsFinish ()
void preloadOneInstance ()
 Preload 1 instance.
void QuitAction ()
 Quit all the current application.
void setArgumentMainWindow (Main_window *, QStringList, QLocalSocket *, quint32, quint32)
void showDelayedPopup (const QString &text, QSystemTrayIcon::MessageIcon icon=QSystemTrayIcon::Critical)
 For for a delayed popup.
void ShowPopupMessage ()
 Show the popup message.
void timeoutDectectedQLocalSocket ()
void UpdateSsystrayIcon ()
 Update the systray icon.
void UpdateStyle ()
 Update the style.

Private Member Functions

void parseTheCleanedTrame (QByteArray trame, QLocalSocket *client, quint32 copyId)
 parse the cleaned trame
quint32 QByteArrayToquint32 (QByteArray temp)
 quint32* to quint32 with QDataStream
void theOrderIsFinished (int index)
 return what the order is finished

Private Attributes

QAction * actionCopy
 Pointer on the Copy action.
QAction * actionMenuAbout
 Pointer on the About action.
QAction * actionMenuQuit
 Pointer on the Quit action.
QAction * actionMove
 Pointer on the Move action.
QAction * actionOptions
 Pointer on the Options action.
QList< QLocalSocket * > clients
 For the local clients.
QMenu * copyMenu
 Pointer on the copy menu (move or copy)
bool iconActivBool
 Store the state of the systray icon, activated or not.
QIcon * IconAdd
 Pointer on the icon for add.
QIcon * IconInfo
 Pointer on the icon for info.
QIcon * IconOptions
 Pointer on the options.
QIcon * IconQuit
 Pointer on the icon for quit.
QList< composedCommandIdlistCommand
 List of command linked with window.
QList< composedDatalistDataClient
 For compose data.
QLocalServer * localServer
 For create a local server.
QSystemTrayIcon::MessageIcon MessageIconTheDelayedPopup
 Type of the popup.
QSystemTrayIcon * sysTrayIcon
 Pointer on the systray icon.
QMenu * systrayMenu
 Pointer on the menu.
QString TextOfTheDelayedPopup
 Text for the delayed popup.
 The help dialog.
QList< Main_window * > theMainWindowCopyMove
 Pointer on copy or move windows.
 Pointer on the options dialog for keep only one instance opened.
QApplication * ThisApp
 Pointer on the application.
QTimer TimeOutQLocalSocket
 Timer for detect time out on QLocalSocket.
QTimer TimerForDelayedAllocation
 Timer for delayed allocation.
QTimer TimerForTheDelayedPopup
 Timer for the delayed popup.
bool UIconIsListen
 Store if it listen.
bool windowIsPreloaded

Detailed Description

The systray icon.

This class provide a systray icon and it function

Definition at line 34 of file UIcon.h.

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