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Main_window Class Reference

The copy window. More...

#include <Mwindow.h>

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Public Slots

void addEntryToDirList (QDir theDir)
 Add one entry to dir list.
void AddFolderDetectAreSame (const QString &folder)
 Action because the folders selected are the same.
void addToList (const QFileInfo &source, const QFileInfo &destination)
 Add item to list.
void cancel_copy_window ()
 Cancel query.
void copyThreadError (const int buttonActivated, const QString &file, const QString &errorString, quint64 id)
 function for copy thread error
void copyThreadFileIsExists (const QString &source, const QString &destination)
void copyThreadFileIsSame (const QString &file)
void ListingIsFinish ()
 Listing is finish.
void updatePlayPauseSkipButton ()
 update the play, pause,skip button
void updateProgressBarAllMode ()
void UpdateStyle ()
 Update the style.
void writeThreadError (const int buttonActivated, const QString &file, const QString &errorString, quint64 id)
 function for write thread error


void canDeleteTheObject ()
void copyFinish ()
void OrderUpdateStyle ()
 Signal for query the style update.
void resumeCopy ()
void setQListOfDrop (QList< QUrl > url)
 emit a list of url for listing

Public Member Functions

bool canByDeleted ()
QString getMainDestination ()
QString getMainSource ()
bool getMovingMode ()
 Main_window ()
 For create the copy or moving window It link action, create menu, connect signal and slot. Initialise the widget and the default settings.
void setArguments (QStringList argumentsUltracopier)
 Set the argument of the source and destination.
void setMovingMode (bool isMovingMode)
 Set if copy or moving mode.
 ~Main_window ()
 The destructor.

Private Slots

void abstractLayerGetSpeed ()
 Get speed.
void abstractLayerUpdateSpeedType ()
 Update the speed type.
bool addFile ()
 Add file to the copy list.
bool addFolder ()
 Ask which folder add.
void CatchAction (QSystemTrayIcon::ActivationReason reason)
 For catch an action on the systray icon.
void changePriority ()
 Update the priority of the threads.
void changeShowStatusBar ()
 Change show status.
void closeTheSearchBox ()
void copyThreadIsFinish ()
void copyThreadOrWriteThread ()
void ErrorInListing (const QString &folder, const QString &theError)
void GetAction (int action)
 Set action.
int GetActionFileExist (bool sameFile, const QString &text1, const QString &text2="", const QString &text3="")
 Open the File exists window.
void hilightTheSearch ()
void on_lineEditSearch_returnPressed ()
void on_lineEditSearch_textChanged (QString)
void on_pushButtonSaveErrorToFile_clicked ()
void on_pushButtonSearchNext_clicked ()
void on_pushButtonSearchPrev_clicked ()
void PauseButton ()
 Pause button clicked.
bool Playlist_management_del ()
 Delete the selected file.
void Playlist_management_putSelectedFileDown ()
 Move down the selected file.
void Playlist_management_putSelectedFileOnBottom ()
 Put the selected file on bottom.
void Playlist_management_putSelectedFileOnTop ()
 Put selected file on top.
void Playlist_management_putSelectedFileUp ()
 Move up the selected file.
void resizeMore (bool moreButton)
 Show the detailed mode if needed.
void RestoreTheWindow ()
 Restore the window.
void searchBoxShortcut ()
void setDefaultOptions ()
 Reset the options as default.
void setPreallocateFileSize (int checked)
 Set prealoc file size.
void SkipButton ()
 Skip button clicked.
void updateBlockSize (int newBlockSize=64)
 update the block size value
void updateTheCopySpeed ()
void updateTheCopyStat ()
 Update the copy stat and the progress bar.
void updateTheTimeRemaining ()

Private Member Functions

void abstractLayerSetSpeed (int speed)
 Set speed.
void closeEvent (QCloseEvent *event)
 Close query by the system.
QString cutText (QString in, int len)
 Cut the long text.
void dragEnterEvent (QDragEnterEvent *event)
 Drag event.
void dropEvent (QDropEvent *event)
QIcon dynaIcon (int percent=-1, QString text="")
 Create progessive icon.
int errorManagement (int ButtonActivated, const QString &fileOrDir, const QString &errorMessage)
 Open window error management.
QString getDirectoryPath (const QString &title)
 Open window for choise the directory.
QThread::Priority priorityFromInt (int num)
 Priority conversion int to QThread::Priority.
void removeIdItem (quint64 id)
void setInternalDestination (QString dir)
void setInternalSource (QString dir)
void setStatusOfCopy ()
 Set the status of the copy.
void setVisibleStatus (bool show)
 Set visibility status of the copy.
void updateFileOverAllProgression ()
void UpdateSliderSpeedText ()
 Update the slider speed text.

Private Attributes

QAction * actionaddFile
 Add menu.
QAction * actionaddFolder
 Add folder.
int actionInDialog
 For send action from windows.
QAction * actionPause
 Add pause menu.
QAction * actionQuit
 Add quit menu.
QAction * actionRestore
 Add restore menu.
QTime addDirDropFrame
 For drop frame when adding folders.
QList< QTreeWidgetItem * > addingBuffer
 Buffer for add block item.
 Pointer on the listing folder thread.
bool aErrorHasOccurred
 For store if error is occured.
quint64 autoIncrementId
 Generate unique item id.
 Pointer on the copy thread.
int currentIndexSearch
 Current index search in starting at the end.
qint64 fileTot
 Number of file in the playlist.
int getOldProgression
 For store the old progression information.
QString LastDestination
 Store Last destination for check free space after size calculating.
QList< QUrl > listUrlEvent
 List of events.
QString MainDestination
 For store the main destination as string.
QString MainSource
 For store the main source as string.
int MaxSpeedValueInt
 Max speed of the copy.
QMenu * menu
 The add menu.
bool movingMode
 Flag for set if is in moving mode.
int numberOfFilePutAtTheEnd
 For prevent infinity loop with action "end of".
QPixmap * pixmapBottom
 For store the name of the bottom image.
QPixmap * pixmapTop
 For store the name of the top image.
QThread::Priority priorityLevel
 For store the child thread priority level.
QShortcut * searchShortcut
 For search shortcut.
QShortcut * searchShortcut2
 For search shortcut.
bool shouldBeClosed
 For store when the windows should be closed.
QTime showingDrop
 For drop frame.
bool showTheStatus
 Flag for know if it need show the status.
qint64 sizeCur
 Size of the current file.
qint64 sizeTot
 Size of all the files should be copied.
QSystemTrayIcon * sysTrayIcon
 Icon in the systray for show the progression.
QMenu * systrayMenu
 The sysrray icon menu.
QList< copyItemExternaltheCopyItemExternal
QTimer * TimerForCopySpeedUpdate
 For update the copy speed update.
QTimer * TimerForCopyUpdate
 For update the copy information or/and systray icon.
QTimer * TimerForSearch
 For update the search.
QTimer * TimerForTimeRemainingUpdate
 For update the time remaning update.

Detailed Description

The copy window.

This window is the main windows for that's user interact with the copy. And for show the copy information.

Definition at line 53 of file Mwindow.h.

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