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     Begin        : Sat Oct 23 2007 10:00 alpha_one_x86
     Project      : Ultracopier
     Email        : ultracopier@first-world.info
     Note         : See README for copyright and developer
     Target       : Define the class of the main windows


#include <QDialog>
#include <QDropEvent>
#include <QTimer>
#include <QtGui>
#include <QFileIconProvider>
#include <QList>
#include <QShortcut>

#include "ui_main_window.h"
#include "AddFolder.h"
#include "CopyThread.h"
#include "FEwindow.h"
#include "Ewindow.h"
#include "spaceWindow.h"
#include "WriteThread.h"
#include "env.h"

#include <kfiledialog.h>
#include <KUrl>

#ifdef Q_OS_WIN32
#include <windows.h>

class AddFolderThread;

00044 typedef struct {
      quint64 id;
      QTreeWidgetItem *theGraphicIndex;
} copyItemExternal;

/** \brief The copy window

This window is the main windows for that's user interact with the copy. And for show the copy information.
00053 class Main_window : public QDialog, public Ui::main_window
      //set the moving mode
      void setMovingMode(bool isMovingMode);
      //set the argument of the source and destination
      void setArguments(QStringList argumentsUltracopier);
      //get the main destination, can be "" for unable to stat the mount point, "*" for multiple destination
      QString getMainDestination();
      //get the main source, can be "" for unable to stat the mount point, "*" for multiple destination
      QString getMainSource();
      //get the moving mode
      bool getMovingMode();
      //can be deleted
      bool canByDeleted();
public slots:
      //click on the cancel button or query the cancel button
      void cancel_copy_window();
      //add item to list
      void addToList(const QFileInfo& source,const QFileInfo& destination);
      //update the style
      void UpdateStyle();
      //add one entry to dir list
      void addEntryToDirList(QDir theDir);
      //if addFolderThread detect that the source folder are same as destination folder
      void AddFolderDetectAreSame(const QString& folder);
      //Listing is finish
      void ListingIsFinish();
      //function for copy thread error
      void copyThreadError(const int buttonActivated,const QString& file,const QString& errorString,quint64 id);
      //function for write thread error
      void writeThreadError(const int buttonActivated,const QString& file,const QString& errorString,quint64 id);
      //function for fileIsSame
      void copyThreadFileIsSame(const QString& file);
      //function for fileIsExists
      void copyThreadFileIsExists(const QString& source,const QString& destination);
      //update the play, pause,skip button
      void updatePlayPauseSkipButton();
      //update the progressBar_all mode (busy or not)
      void updateProgressBarAllMode();
        /// \brief Signal for query the style update
        void OrderUpdateStyle();
      /// \brief emit a list of url for listing
      void setQListOfDrop(QList<QUrl> url);
      //for resume the copy
      void resumeCopy();
      //for send signal when the copy is finish and window not closed
      void copyFinish();
      //can delete the object
      void canDeleteTheObject();
private slots:
      //copy thread or write thread is finish
      void copyThreadOrWriteThread();
      //search update
      void on_lineEditSearch_textChanged(QString );
      //search validate
      void on_lineEditSearch_returnPressed();
      //search next
      void on_pushButtonSearchNext_clicked();
      //search prev
      void on_pushButtonSearchPrev_clicked();
      //if the more button is pressed or not
      void on_pushButtonSaveErrorToFile_clicked();
      void resizeMore(bool moreButton);
      //add file to the copy list
      bool addFile();
      //add folder to copy list
      bool addFolder();
      //delete the selected file
      bool Playlist_management_del();
      //put selected file on top
      void Playlist_management_putSelectedFileOnTop();
      //move up the selected file
      void Playlist_management_putSelectedFileUp();
      //move down the selected file
      void Playlist_management_putSelectedFileDown();
      //put the selected file on bottom
      void Playlist_management_putSelectedFileOnBottom();
      //click on the pause button
      void PauseButton();
      //push the skip button
      void SkipButton();
      //reset the options as default
      void setDefaultOptions();
      //update the copy stat and the progress bar and copy speed
      void updateTheCopyStat();
      //show the file exist windows and return the choise
      //if sameFile == true : text1 = source and dest
      //if sameFile == false : text1 = path : text2 = source : text3 = dest
      int GetActionFileExist(bool sameFile,const QString& text1,const QString& text2="",const QString& text3="");
      //set action in window error
      void GetAction(int action);
      //get speed
      void abstractLayerGetSpeed();
      //update the speed type
      void abstractLayerUpdateSpeedType();
      //change the priority
      void changePriority();
      //change show status
      void changeShowStatusBar();
      //For catch an action on the systray icon
      void CatchAction(QSystemTrayIcon::ActivationReason reason);
      //Restore the window
      void RestoreTheWindow();
      //update the block size value
      void updateBlockSize(int newBlockSize=64);
      //set prealoc file size
      void setPreallocateFileSize(int checked);
      //manage error in listing
      void ErrorInListing(const QString& folder,const QString& theError);
      //update the copy speed
      void updateTheCopySpeed();
      //update the time remaning
      void updateTheTimeRemaining();
      //close the search box
      void closeTheSearchBox();
      //search box shortcut
      void searchBoxShortcut();
      //hilight the search
      void hilightTheSearch();
      //when the copy thread is finish
      void copyThreadIsFinish();
      void DebugCheckThread();
00183       QMenu             *menu;                        ///< The add menu
00184       QMenu             *systrayMenu;                 ///< The sysrray icon menu
00185       QAction                 *actionaddFile;               ///< Add menu
00186       QAction                 *actionaddFolder;       ///< Add folder
00187       QAction                 *actionPause;                 ///< Add pause menu
00188       QAction                 *actionRestore;               ///< Add restore menu
00189       QAction                 *actionQuit;                  ///< Add quit menu
00190       AddFolderThread         *AddingFolderThread;          ///< Pointer on the listing folder thread
00191       copyThread        *CopyThread;                  ///< Pointer on the copy thread
00192       qint64                  sizeTot;                ///< Size of all the files should be copied
00193       qint64                  sizeCur;                ///< Size of the current file
00194       qint64                  fileTot;                ///< Number of file in the playlist
00195       bool              aErrorHasOccurred;            ///< For store if error is occured
00196       QShortcut         *searchShortcut;        ///< For search shortcut
00197       QShortcut         *searchShortcut2;       ///< For search shortcut

00199       QTimer                  *TimerForCopyUpdate;          ///< For update the copy information or/and systray icon
00200       QTimer                  *TimerForCopySpeedUpdate;     ///< For update the copy speed update
00201       QTimer                  *TimerForTimeRemainingUpdate; ///< For update the time remaning update
00202       QTimer                  *TimerForSearch;        ///< For update the search
00203       QTime             showingDrop;                  ///< For drop frame
00204       QTime             addDirDropFrame;        ///< For drop frame when adding folders
00205       QList<QTreeWidgetItem*> addingBuffer;                 ///< Buffer for add block item
00206       int               MaxSpeedValueInt;       ///< Max speed of the copy
00207       int               currentIndexSearch;           ///< Current index search in starting at the end

00209       bool              movingMode;             ///< Flag for set if is in moving mode
00210       QThread::Priority priorityLevel;                ///< For store the child thread priority level
00211       bool              showTheStatus;                ///< Flag for know if it need show the status

00213       QList<QUrl>       listUrlEvent;                 ///< List of events
00214       QSystemTrayIcon*  sysTrayIcon;                  ///< Icon in the systray for show the progression
00215       QPixmap                 *pixmapTop;             ///< For store the name of the top image
00216       QPixmap                 *pixmapBottom;                ///< For store the name of the bottom image
00217       int               getOldProgression;            ///< For store the old progression information
00218       QString                 LastDestination;        ///< Store Last destination for check free space after size calculating
00219       int               actionInDialog;               ///< For send action from windows
00220       quint64                 autoIncrementId;        ///< Generate unique item id
      QList<copyItemExternal> theCopyItemExternal;
00222       QString                 MainDestination;        ///< For store the main destination as string
00223       QString                 MainSource;             ///< For store the main source as string
00224       bool              shouldBeClosed;               ///< For store when the windows should be closed
00225       int               numberOfFilePutAtTheEnd;      ///< For prevent infinity loop  with action "end of"

      QTimer                  DebugTrackThread;
      QHBoxLayout       *hboxLayoutDebug;
      QLabel                  *Debug_label_copyThread;
      QLabel                  *Debug_label_writeThread;
      QLabel                  *Debug_label_waitThread;
      QString                 graphicPointer(QTreeWidgetItem * theItem);

      #ifdef Q_OS_WIN32
      HWND              SpecWindowsCurWindow;         ///< For do progressbar in systray for the current window under vista, seven

      //open window for the user choise the directory
      QString getDirectoryPath(const QString& title);
      //open window error management
      int errorManagement(int ButtonActivated,const QString& fileOrDir,const QString& errorMessage);
      //update the text at the end of the copy of file
      void updateFileOverAllProgression();
      //cut the long text
      QString cutText(QString in,int len);
      //set speed
      void abstractLayerSetSpeed(int speed);
      //update the slider speed text
      void UpdateSliderSpeedText();
      //close query by the system
      void closeEvent(QCloseEvent * event);
      //Priority conversion
      QThread::Priority priorityFromInt(int num);
      //set visibility status of the copy
      void setVisibleStatus(bool show);
      //Create progessive icon
      QIcon dynaIcon(int percent=-1,QString text="");
      //drag event processing
      void dropEvent(QDropEvent *event);
      //drag event
      void dragEnterEvent(QDragEnterEvent *event);
      //Set the status of the copy
      void setStatusOfCopy();
      //set destination only on internal
      void setInternalDestination(QString dir);
      //set source only on internal
      void setInternalSource(QString dir);
      //remove id
      void removeIdItem(quint64 id);


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