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     Begin        : Fri Dec 21 2007 22:42 alpha_one_x86
     Project      : Ultracopier
     Email        : ultracopier@first-world.info
     Note         : See README for copyright and developer
     Target       : Define the class of the copyThread

#include <QObject>
#include <QThread>
#include <QFile>
#include <QDir>
#include <QWaitCondition>
#include <QMutex>
#include <QTimer>
#include <QTime>
#include <QCryptographicHash>
#include <QByteArray>
#include <QMutexLocker>

#include "env.h"
#include "structDef.h"

#include <kdirlister.h>
#include <KUrl>


#include "WriteThread.h"
class WriteThread;
class Main_window;

/** \brief Thread for do the copy.

This thread do the copy, it store the permanently options, and use shared memory for get and set the variable, and use signal/slot for the events.
00044 class copyThread : public QThread
public slots:
      //add one entry to source dir list
      void addEntryToDirList(const QDir& theDir);
      //add one entry to empty dir destination list
      void addEntryToEmptyDestinationDirList(const QDir& theDir);

      //set the copy info and options before runing
      void setRightCopy(const int doRightCopy);
      //set keep date
      void setKeepDate(const int);
      //set the current max speed in KB/s
      void setMaxSpeed(int tempMaxSpeed);
      //set if in copy or move mode
      void setMovingMode(const bool setMove);
      //set block size
      bool setBlockSize(const int block=64);
      //set prealoc file size
      void setPreallocateFileSize(const bool prealloc);

      //add item to list
      void addToList(quint64 id,const QFileInfo& source,qint64 size,const QFileInfo& destination);
      //pause the copy
      void pauseCopy();
      //resume the copy
      void resumeCopy();
      //stop the current copy
      void stopTheCopy();
      //skip the current file
      void skipCurrentFile();

      //return the progression percent
      int getProgressionPercent(const int max=100);
      //return the progression percent
      int getProgressionPercentTotal(const int max=100);
      //get copy speed in byte per second
      QString getCopySpeed();
      //set thread write
      void setThreadWrite(int useWriteThread);
      //insert at end without count
      void insterAtEndWithoutCount(copyItemInternal theItem);
      enum currentStat {
      }; ///< Enumeration for have copy state
      //the contructor
      copyThread(Main_window * parent);
      //the desytructor
      /// \brief set action on file exist
      void fileExistsAction(int action);
      /// \brief set action on error
      void errorAction(int action);
      /// \brief get current file copied as String as Name and
      QString getCurrentFileCopied();
      /// \brief return text overall
      QString getTextOverall();
      /// \brief return text overall
      QString getSyntetizedStringTo();
      /// \brief return string to
      QString getSyntetizedStringFrom();
      /// \brief lenght string from
      int lenghtOfCopyList();
      /// \brief number of item removed
      int getNumberOfItemRemoved();
      /// \brief return the statut
      currentStat getCurrentStat();
      /// \brief Return string for the
      static QString intToQtringSize(double nb);
      //remove one entry
      void removeItems(QList<int> ids);
      //put on top
      returnIdsTransaction putOnTop(QList<int> ids);
      //move up
      returnIdsTransaction moveUp(QList<int> ids);
      //move down
      returnIdsTransaction moveDown(QList<int> ids);
      //put on bottom
      returnIdsTransaction putOnBottom(QList<int> ids);
      //remaining time
      QString remainingTime();
      QStringList DebugReturnCopyThreadStat();
      enum currentWait {
      QString WaitInWhat();
      bool allThreadIsFinish();
      //put at end after error occured
      QList<copyItemInternal> putAtEndAfterError();
      /// \brief error on file or folder, bouton enable, file path, error message
      void errorOnFile(int,QString,QString,quint64);
      /// \brief signal emited when file is same
      void fileIsSame(QString);
      /// \brief signal emited when file exists, Source, Destination
      void fileIsExists(QString,QString);
      /// \brief query new write thread
      void queryNewWriteThread();
      /// \brief all write thread is finish
      void allThreadIsFinishNow();
      /// \brief for restart write after it have been closed
      void queryStartThread(int);
      /// \brief wait in pause
      void isInPauseOrNot();
      void run();
      void stop();
      currentWait theCurrentWait;
      // Remove all the empty source folder
      void removeAllFolderEmpty(const QDir& TheDir);
      //try open file in special mode
        bool tryOpenFileInSpecialMode(QFile *theFile,QIODevice::OpenMode theModeShouldBeUsed);
      //remove source folder and create destination folder
      void flush();
      //return the right string precision
      static QString adaptStr(float nb);
      //check if need wait write thread
      void checkIfNeedWaitWriteThread();
      //check if need wait one write thread
      void checkIfNeedWaitOneWriteThread(WriteThread*);
      //wait because need action
      void waitNeedAction();
      /// \brief error on file or folder, bouton enable, file path, error message, and wait
      int errorOnFileAndWait(int,QString,QString,quint64);
      volatile bool     stopped;
00182       volatile bool     waitInPause;            ///< Wait in pause the thread
00183       volatile bool     stopIt;                 ///< For store the stop query
00184       QString           errorMessageInCopy;     ///< The message error
00185       qint64            totalCopiedSize;  ///< The copied, read or manipuled size
00186       qint64            previousSizeReturned;   ///< Previous size returned
00187       qint64            firstScanTot;           ///< Store total size at first scan
00188       qint64            firstScanCur;           ///< Store curent size at first scan
00189       volatile int      maxSpeed;         ///< The max speed in MB/s, 0 for no limit
00190       volatile bool     RightCopy;        ///< Do rights copy
00191       volatile bool     movingMode;       ///< Set if is in moving mode
00192       volatile bool     preallocation;          ///< Flag for know if need preallocation
00193       volatile bool     keepDate;         ///< For keep date file
00194       volatile bool     useWriteThread;         ///< For set if need write thread
00195       QTime       intervalCopySpeed;      ///< For detect the interval beteew 2 copy speed mesurement
00196       volatile int      actionAfterUnlock;      ///< For action after unlock the mutex
00197       QList<QDir> sourceDirList;          ///< List of source dir for delete it in moving mode
00198       QList<QDir> emptyDestDir;           ///< List of empty destination should be created
00199       QTimer            clockForTheCopySpeed;   ///< For the speed throttling
00200       QSemaphore  waitNewWriteThread;     ///< For wiat the new write thread
00201       volatile int      MultForBigSpeed;  ///< Multiple for count the number of block needed
00202       volatile int      numberOfBlockCopied;    ///< Multiple for count the number of block copied
00203       volatile int      blockSizeCurrent; ///< The current size of the buffer
00204       currentStat theCurrentStat;         ///< The current stat
00205       QFile       sourceFile;       ///< For have global copie progression
00206       QFile       destinationFile;  ///< For have global copie progression
00207       QMutex            MultiThreadCopyList;    ///< For be thread safe while operate on copy list
00208       QMutex            MultiThread_ThreadList; ///< For be thread safe while operate on copy list
      //at remove:
00210       int         numberOfItemRemoved;    ///< For unmber of item removed
00211       int         NumberOfFileTot;  ///< For number of file to copy
00212       int         NumberOfFileCopied;     ///< For number of file to copied
00213       QString           syntetizedStringCurrentFile;///< For store sytetized string for current file
00214       QString           syntetizedStringOverall;///< For store sytetized string for overall
00215       QString           syntetizedStringTo;     ///< For store sytetized string for To:
00216       QString           syntetizedStringFrom;   ///< For store sytetized string for From:
00217       bool        copyHadBegin;           ///< Store if copy had begin
00218       bool        skipThecurrentFile;     ///< Skip the current file
00219       Main_window *parent;          ///< Store the parrent
      bool        needRemoveFileToList;
      qint64            currentFileSize;
      qint64            currentFileTotPos;

00224       QString           translationOfCopyOf;                ///< Store the "copy of " translated
00225       QString           translationErrorResize;             ///< Store the translation of error in resizing
00226       QString           translationErrorWriting;            ///< Store the translation of error in writing
00227       QString           translationErrorDate;               ///< Store the translation of error in date
00228       QString           translationErrorRemove;             ///< Store the translation of error in removing
00229       QString           translationErrorSourceReadWrite;    ///< Store the translation of error in open source in read write
00230       QString           translationErrorSourceRead;         ///< Store the translation of error in open source in read
00231       QString           translationErrorDestinationWrite;   ///< Store the translation of error in open destination in write
00232       QString           translationErrorPermissions;        ///< Store the translation of error in permissions
00233       QString           translationErrorReadSource;         ///< Store the translation of error in read source
      QString           translationDay;
      QString           translationDays;
      QString           translationHour;
      QString           translationHours;
      QString           translationMinute;
      QString           translationMinutes;
      QString           translationSecond;
      QString           translationSeconds;

      // for copy list
00244       int         timeCopyElapsed;  ///< Time copy elapsed
      QList<copyItemInternal> theCopyList;
00246       QList<WriteThread*>     theWriteThreadList;///< For store the write thread list
      QList<copyItemInternal> putAtEnd;
      QSemaphore  waitNewClockForSpeed;
      QSemaphore  waitAction;
      QSemaphore  *writeThreadSem;
      QTime       tempTimeElapsed;
      WriteThread *theCurrentThread;

private slots:
      /// \brief the time allocated for copy this block is finish
      void timeOfTheBlockCopyFinished();
      /// \brief do the operation before start the copy thread
      void pre_operation();
      /// \brief do the operation after stop the copy thread
      void post_operation();
      /// \brief create new  write thread object
      void createNewWriteThread();
      /// \brief write thread have finish
      void newWriteThreadFinish();
      /// \brief call when the write thread have end their task
      void writeThreadOperationFinish();
      /// \brief call when the file should be put at the end
      void putFirstFileAtEnd();
      /// \brief for restart write thread which have been stop
      void startWriteThread(int id);


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